Monday, August 31, 2009

The Scala Programming Language

On Wednesday morning I was in the mood for a more technical presentation, and "Scala: Object-Oriented and Functional Programming for the JVM", by Dean Wampler, seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The presenter was a bit surprised that his session was accepted in the Agile 2009 schedule, since it does not really relate to Agile... Anyway, it was a very interesting introduction to a new language: Scala.

Why do we need a new language?
  • We need functional programming
    • for concurrency
    • for concise code
    • for correctness
  • We need a better object model
    • for composability
    • for scalable designs
  • But we want to keep our investment in Java and C#
Scala is also a statically typed language.

Here are some references if you are interested in learning more about the language:

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